Handheld Nano Mist Sprayer

Product Feature:

1. Hand held,home use or travel use

2. 4 electrical tips and 9 pieces of LED lamps for treatment

3.  5 adjustable beauty mode showed on the LCD screen

4. Adopts 4 advanced beauty technologies:Radio Frequency(RF),EMS,Led light therapy,Acoustic vibration

Product Function:

1.Deep clean

2. Lead-in nutrition

3. Face lifting & tightening

4. Anti aging & Anti-wrinkle

5. Acne removal & Face whitening

6. About 10 minutes treatment daily can keep sharp body,smooth skin and young face

Product Parameters:


2.Rose gold,customized color

3.Power supply:DC5V,500mA

4.Vibration frequency:8600rpm±10

5.Battery capacity:3.7V,1000mAH×1

6.Charging time:3h

7.LED light colors:Red,Yellow,Blue,Green,Pink

8.LED wavelength:red:620±5nm green:520±5nm blue:465±5nm yellow:590±5nm Pink:700±5nm


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